The current phase has made us all enjoy and spend some quality time with our family and loved ones. I’m a lot inclined towards online movies these days especially the OTT platforms like ZEE5 have some great binge-worthy shows and movies. One such movie which is much awaited and premieres exclusively on ZEE5 is a murder mystery and thrilling movie “47 Days”.

 I remember those childhood memories with my maternal uncles and their infinite love for South Indian movies. This is still the same with them and mom. I guess, it has now come in our genes and we make sure to watch such movies as and when we get a chance on TV or any OTT platforms

47 Days
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About 47 Days on ZEE5 Premium – The star cast is Satyadev Kancharana, Pooja Jhaveri, Roshini Prakash, and Ravi Varma. 

Satyadev plays the role of ACP Satya, Roshini Prakash as Paddu in one of the lead actresses, Pooja Jhaveri as Juliet in one of the lead actresses roles. Ravi Varma as Inspector Ravi. 

The storyline is quite gripping! 

Why should one watch this movie? 

  • The action-packed trailer makes it a must-watch for everyone! 
  • Satya and his unusual experience with the supernatural power, haunted or dead and the mystery forms a unique and catchy storyline
  • Satya a suspended officer  who lost his wife and now have to find the mystery girl which someone correlates to his past as well
  • The new case makes me realize there are some connections to his wife’s death and the current death as well 
  • In the trailer, Satya’s efforts to solve the suicide case and find the clue makes it a thrilling experience altogether
47 Days
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  • Satya is on a lookout for the pieces of a puzzle to solve the hidden mystery and match the pieces 
  • I’m already in awe of the new father-daughter song by Raghu Kunche the famous Telugu Composer. Father’s have a very special bond with their daughters. Everyone should listen to the song and it is currently my favorite! The music is already making it hit post-release! 

Directed by Pradeep Maddali and the talented Raghu Kunche is one of the producers and music composers of this suspense movie. I’m sure Satya and the whole cast will steal the show and surprise the audience with their outstanding performances. 

Personally speaking, I’m always a fan of mystery series or movies and this is all because mom loves them too. I’ve even told her about this movie and I so wish we were together to watch this! 

Overall the trailer and pre-launch videos are making me plan my day well in advance for this binge-worthy watch. The Telugu movie mystery officially unfolds on 30th June on the ZEE5. Watch this perfect movie with your family and spend some quality time together! Watch the trailer for some mystery filled excitement!