Sanitary Pads or Menstrual Cups are a necessity now for every woman. Earth is filled with tonnes of waste today which is not degraded, many of us are unaware of the fact that the conventional pads are made with plastic, polyester, artificial colors, additives, bleached chemical-laden cotton.

I have switched to organic sanitary pads and have felt a huge difference. The change is real and indeed a good one. I started with a Korean brand sanitary pads which had anion sheet on it. However, I wanted to use an eco-friendly Indian brand as I strongly believe in supporting local brands. Carmesi is a wonderful creation by Tanvi Johri and her friend Rikshav Borah. It started with a curious mind and thoughts like why a sanitary napkin brand never talks about the ingredient list of the pads or why is it all plastic. (This is exactly how I started using almost all organic)

My experience with My Carmesi Pads

They are available in 2 sizes 280 mm and 315 mm

  • First thoughts after I opened was like it is super thin, will it help?
  • The best part of these pads is they are made with natural ingredients like corn starch and bamboo fiber
  • The pads are super thin in size hence it is best for working women to use it even for work without any hassle
  • Super absorbent and leak-proof, the top layer is super too
  • It is best as there is no bleaching done nor any fragrance added. All Natural!

  • The best part, a small difference between Heyday and Carmesi which I would compare as I’ve used them both. The top layer on Carmesi is thoroughly finished unlike Heyday where the cotton kind of gets stuck on the last 2 days of the cycle as the flow is less
  • The pads are safe, unlike the conventional ones which will lead to rashes
  • The brand took extra efforts in introducing disposable bags which are travel-friendly and biodegradable at the same time
  • The adhesive is the best, it remains intact on the panty for hours without any issue

I strongly believe in using products that have a clear ingredient list mentioned. I always felt uneasy using the plastic pads which are easily available in the drugstores today. In fact, they even caused me rashes but back then never thought of organic pads. No one helped me, but today I made my younger sister swap with organic pads 🙂 She is happy with the swap and is consistent with it! I keep switching between Heyday and Carmesi as per budget. They are the best available options in the market today 🙂 They are slightly pricey but I love that they support women empowerment and have a team of hard-working ladies from different age groups. If you buy their pads, their part of earnings is used to help the underprivileged woman who has no access to these basic sanitary necessities. They are available online only and few retail stores, like in Pune they are available at The Plumage Store.

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