Technology is made everything easy and difficult at the same time. We all love to be online and stay awake even after midnight. At times, this ends up in irregular sleep patterns, fatigue, and ultimately stress. We all have been guilty to spend most of our time either on computer screens or mobile phones. Irregular sleep pattern is harmful to our overall health and life. Nature Sure Somni Tablets is one such wonder product for such issues and will help you overcome sleep issues and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Product Price and Quantity – Rs. 780 for 90 tablets

Tablets Dosage – Take one to two tablets with water before going to bed, or as advised by the physician.

Precautions – Pregnant women and lactating mothers should avoid taking these tablets. Also, avoid taking these tablets up to 3 hours before a physical activity such as driving or swimming. Consult physician if you are on any other medication. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from sunlight and moisture.

Ingredients – Brahmi (peaceful sleep), Shankhpushpi (balance sleep), Vacha (insomnia), Kali Mirch or Black Pepper is like a perfect combination with turmeric milk for good sleep, Gajwaan (promotes good sleep), Khurasin Ajwain (regulates sleep cycle), Amla (helps in sleep disorders like insomnia), Pipla Mool (calms the body and induces good sleep). Benefits source – Google

My Experience with Somni Tablets

I have irregular sleep patterns and find it really difficult to sleep early or say quickly. The day I started taking these Somni Tablets there was a change in my abnormal sleep pattern. Unusual or irregular sleep schedule was harmful as at times it used to make my morning tiring and the day productivity was hampered. Previously, my day started with an uneasy state. Managing house all alone, cooking, doing work-from-home is not an easy task. I need a good source of energy in the morning to kickstart the day.

Somni Tablets

I made sure to have Somni tablets every day and this ensured sound sleep. The moment I went off to bed it was actually a good feeling and I could doze off early. I had frequent headaches in the morning and had to wait for almost 10 to 15mins and wake up. If you are sleep deprived and work a lot or say stay awake for long these tablets are a must. Kids are blessed in terms of calm sleep and enjoying the same for adults is like a brownie with ice cream ๐Ÿ™‚ These tablets help calm and sound sleep. They are effective and most importantly vegetarian tablets

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Additional Tips for Sound Sleep –  Avoid tea or coffee at night as it will help you stay awake for a long time. Meditate on the bed and add some soothing music. Stay away from mobile phones and harmful radiations before sleep timings. We have started this recently and work in the best possible way and surfing things online takes time and you donโ€™t feel like keeping the phone away. Avoid heavy food before your bedtime else there will be a super uneasy feeling and one cannot sleep with a full or heavy stomach.