Pore free skin is like a dream for almost everyone these days. There are certain chemical-based exfoliators which help in pores or any other issues. I came across Pores & Marks Oil by Nature Sure and have used it for almost a month. Today, I’m posting this purely personal experience.

Pores cannot disappear they can be shrunk and reduced to an extent with the help of creams or any other skincare products. The Pores & Marks Oil is like a boon for people who have enlarged pores, stretch marks, dry skin, oily skin. I get a bit skeptical in terms of oil. I feel what if it is sticky or heavy. Lightweight oil is like an icing on a cake. It is necessary to take care of pores before they tur into enlarged pores. Read my experience on Nature Sure Pores & Marks Oil.

Price and Quantity – Rs. 1379 for 100 ml product

Ingredients – 100% pure and cold-pressed oil extracted from Moringa. Moringa has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. 

My experience with the product

1. It is a yellow colored oil with a unique smell of some leaf infused with oil. Not an overpowering one!

2. Light-weight oil and absorbs in my skin quickly and within no time

3. Come in a sturdy plastic bottle and is quite travel-friendly

4. I have pores around my cheek area and slight ones near the nose with frequent use I see the size of the pores have reduced. This will benefit for large pores as the oil will work well in such cases

5. It does take time for stretch marks but consistency is the key so I use it regularly in the morning and night

6. In terms of dry or oily skin, this oil acts as a perfect moisturizer and absorbs in the skin in no time

Pores & Marks Oil

7. The best part is the congested pores. Despite being a skincare enthusiast, I skip my skincare routine due to workload or certain issues. There are cases of congested pores and this comes for my rescue. It unclogs my pores and absorbs in the skin and this is how pores are invisible

8. They have mentioned using it as a sunscreen too so it is quite a multipurpose product. I do WFH and hardly go out but will try this as sunscreen for my Pune trip as it will be mostly outdoors

9. With continuous use, one can achieve even tone skin with Pores & Marks Oil

10. This product can be used by anyone who has pores or wants smooth skin

11. Worked in my case for burns as well and frequent rashes

Additionally, it helps in fading scars and many other benefits like wrinkles, blackheads. For instance, I use it for DIY purpose and add it to Moringa Leaf Powder and trust me it works well in terms of occasional pimple or as a spot treatment.

In conclusion, many might feel it pricey but it is worth a buy as it is suitable for all skin types and will be utilized by every adult in the family.

Precautions:- For people with severe skin issues kindly consult a dermatologist or skin specialist. For first use, do a patch test to confirm that your skin is not allergic to it. Pregnant women should avoid applying it to intimate areas. 

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I’m sure I’ve given you many reasons to buy this multipurpose Pores & Marks Oil from Nature Sure or gift it to your loved one this December.