I love face washes especially if they maintain my oily sensitive skin type and are not foaming ones. Greenie Mill has an amazing range of skincare products. They are surely the most underrated ones and many of them don’t know about them. I had many bad experiences with face washes so trying a new brand was a tough task. This is a review of my experience with “Hemp and Tamanu Gel to Milk Cleanser”.

I have ordered it twice and trust me one will fall in love with the face wash cum milk cleanser. It is basically an oily gel-like consistency and turns into a milky cleanser. This one is a boon for makeup lovers but I especially use it as a daily cleanser.

Ingredients – Hemp Seed Oil, Plant Glycerin, Rice Bran Oil, Tamanu Oil, Neem Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Basil Essential Oil, Cetearyl Olivate and Sorbitan Olivate (Unique natural PEG-free emulsifier from Olive oil – Source Google), Natural Vitamin E, Lauric Acid (combats acne), Tea Tree Oil (My Favorite), Turmeric Oil, Lavender Oil. *All essential oils are used under dermal limits. All Citrus essential oils are used below the photosensitizing limit. (Greenie Mill Website)

Price – 50ml for Rs. 295, 100ml for Rs. 485, 200ml for Rs.950

How to Use – Massage the oil to cleanse the face or if you use it in the morning simply apply on wet face and it emulsifies into a milky cleanser. Wash off the face and pat dry to use a toner or moisturizer.

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My Experience with the Gel to Milk Cleanser

It has a unique blend of oils which helps one remove makeup easily in one swipe. I use it usually start my day with this cleanser in the morning. It is by far the best facial cleanser I’ve used to date.

  • Perfect for Oily/Sensitive/Acne-Prone Skin Type. I guess it will suit all skin types
  • It stings if comes in contact with eyes. Happened with me during hurry 🙁
  • I have felt instant cleansed and hydrated skin
  • I have no more whiteheads issue on my face, all thanks to right use of skincare brands and one of that is Greenie Mill 🙂
  • One can follow up with a toning mist or moisturizer and it does work well
  • I feel it is a VFM product
  • The product packaging is kind of tricky and makes it messy for trave purposes. I had packed the cleanser in a travel-size bottle for ease during my Trimbakeshwar journey last month
  • It does help in terms of fading acne scars. Might work differently for every skin type
  • It helped me during the pre-menstrual phase. I get this monthly pimple-popping over my face
  • My skin reacts to mostly face washes or cleansers but this luckily was the best and had no red-rashes or any sort of irritation

I hope this review helps you find the product worth giving a shot! Thank you, Greenie Mill, for curating such beautiful products.