The world is raving about Ayurveda and its benefits. There are few people who clearly have no idea about Ayurveda and ignore the benefits. Many of us still rely on Allopathy and Ethical Medicines. I have always had this serious issue with heavy dosage medicines and opted for Ayurvedic or Natural alternatives. Recently, came across this site called “Nirogam” which helps you to go disease-free. Finding online support for diseases is icing on the cake these days. I was hesitant to go ahead with a telephonic consultation as I have never done it before.


Nirogam Treatments are for Acidity, Dandruff, Diabetes, PCOD, Piles, Insomnia, Skin Issues, Weight Loss, and many other diseases listed on their site. If you are someone who is in Gurgaon can visit their store and book an appointment via their website or Whatsapp Number +91 9958171405 There are many of us who find it difficult to talk to any doctor in person so one can opt for a consultation through call or video call as per choice.

My Experience with Dr. Greeshma Nair, Consultant Physician – She is a self-spoken lady who asked me a few questions like my weight, height, and any current issues. I wanted to have some insights on 3 of my problems. She asked me some questions and noted my queries to answer them in sequence.
Pitta Dosha or Body Heat – I had Piles a few years back and it is all treated well but any heat-producing food causes slight irritation. Chicken is worst for such scenarios. She made me understand that I can consume chicken at times but only if I sleep around 10 as the body after 10 pm will start doing things which aren’t required like the liver is awake and the body is creating unusual heat resulting in heat issues even if they aren’t visible each day.

Sleep Issues – I have my dinner at around 8 pm and staying awake till 2 am can cause issues. Early sleep is necessary hence she told me to wrap up work and shut down the WiFi early. Especially when one has any non-vegetarian food the body is already heated up and staying awake for a long time will worsen the case even more for certain individuals.

Lactose Intolerance – Milk makes me feel like I have constipation and stomach bloating. Milk as a nutrition source is necessary but the one that comes in a carton doesn’t have that many nutrients so one can opt for using coconut milk /soya milk/almond milk. Ragi has more nutrients than milk and can be used for instant dosa, upma, and kheer.

After all these queries and answers she told me to walk through my everyday routine with details like wakeup time, breakfast, work, lunch, and dinner.
She had something really good and I loved that remark a lot. It was “When you live in a coastal area you should have local and seasonal but it can be vegetarian as well so no need to have seafood always.” Many of them are heat-producing seafood varieties and yes we skip those for sure. She also sent me a diet plan according to my body type and issues.

Dr. Greeshma is super informative, I appreciate the way she gave importance to every small query and did not hurry to finish the call. It was a good 30mins vast conversation with really great insights. If you are someone who has any particular disease or issues Nirogam is just a call away guys. Additionally, they sell medicines too.
Do let me know in the comments if you have ever tried their service?

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