I personally love dry face mask powder and opt for it over sheet face masks. I feel sheet masks are not enough moisturizing or help much. The glow is temporary. On the other hand, face masks in powder form help skin in a better way. 

I’m an oily sensitive skin type. Clay masks are my favorite, they are soothing and work on sebum production to an extent. I received NMantra Bellevue Nourishing Face Pack. The most loved oily skin ingredient is Rhassoul Clay present in the face pack.

Nourishing Face Pack for Skin Brightening is a unique combination of 100% natural ingredients, free from artificial colors and artificial perfumes. It is made with organic oatmeal, rhassoul clay, rice powder, potato extracts, and a blend of essential oils. Organic oatmeal is a super soothing, glowing, and yet natural exfoliator for the skin. Rhassoul clay works well on oily act skin and excess sebum production. Rice powder for the face helps to brighten and acts as a natural exfoliator. Potato extract is used for skin brightening and often for the removal of tan. All the right ingredients to make the skin smooth, clear & with a radiant glow.

My experience with NMantra Bellevue Nourishing Face Pack

I love the texture of the face pack. Superfine and soft due to the presence of rhassoul clay and rice powder in it. It is perfect for sensitive skin types. However, the fragrance isn’t my favorite. It has a lemony fragrance. I have a sensitive nose too so it doesn’t bother me much as it has a mild fragrance. Every time I used it made my skin nice refreshing and added a subtle glow too. I don’t have tan or darkening on my face. The face pack has rhassoul clay in it yet it isn’t a drying face mask and leaves my skin nicely nourished, unlike the regular clay masks that make the skin dry or stretchy even if used for a minute or two.

Nourishing Face Pack

 The nourishment in this face pack will help you avoid common skin problems such as acne and suntan. This delicate blend of ingredients with essential oils is useful in many skin conditions due to its calming properties on the skin.

It can be used as a face pack or soft scrub for gentle exfoliation. For dry skin beauties, mix in curd. For normal to oily skin, use it with plain water or rose water. Many of them use aloe vera gel to mix with a face pack. I will try to use this for peak summers on my feet as outdoor trips often tan my hands and feet. 

This face pack is to be used ONLY after sunset as it has ingredients that react to sunlight.  

Please Note – Always do a patch test before using any product to check if you are allergic to any ingredients in it.