Just like a smile, kindness is free and contagious. One good or kind deed can change a perspective. I’m sure we all have across so many kind acts throughout our lives. Being kind helps everyone change gradually. Kind nature can melt anyone! At the same, I always make sure to be kind to anyone I met in real life. If you talk to me and we are virtual friends, you all know I love to talk and be nice to everyone. This isn’t really sugar-coating, it is the plain nature or behavior of a person.

To showcase kindness, one doesn’t need to solely speak good or spread joy. Kindness is witnessed via selfless deeds like petting a stray animal, feeding hungry beings, etc. These little acts of kindness often have a major impact on an individual’s life. I’ve been inclined toward helping the needy and being kind to everyone around me.

I remember an incident where a small boy wanted to go somewhere as one of his parents was unwell. I dropped him off and went to work. Back then I was working and my colleagues were shocked to hear this. Many of them said, what if he was some thief or something would have happened to you. My instinct can never go wrong. I feel that one act has saved his time and money.

At present, the most joyous thing I do is feed stray animals. I’ve been doing this since my childhood days. I did it even during the pregnancy phase. These animals are usually a dog, cats, or a cow. It is mostly dogs. I feel the best around dogs ๐Ÿ™‚ Similarly, this has started to be visible in my daughter’s actions. She is just 18 months old and she tries to be kind and loving to our neighbor’s pets.


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