I have reduced skincare to an extent and have stopped using a lot of products for the past few months. I hate to skin fast but it somehow happens and I tend to skip it for days or weeks. This is the reason I don’t buy much of them these days. I love Raw Beauty Wellness and Sunayana di’s dedication to formulating every product is commendable! She’s pure and can guide you in starting a perfect skincare journey. I happen to participate in January 2021’s Indulge Giveaway on Instagram. My heart was full of gratitude to be one of the giveaway winners. The USP of her brand or products is qualitative products with mouth-watering texture and fragrances. These take you on a different planet for sure! The best part is she hears every feedback carefully and if necessary she has even tweaked and improved her formulations.

Raw Beauty Wellness

A well-curated brand with perfect formulations. Most of the Raw Beauty Wellness products are minimal and multi-purpose. Almost everything is locally-sourced and some of them are from around the world. The products are effective and target the specified concerns. You are just a DM away for consultation on Instagram. At the same time, the website is quite simplified with different tabs for help as per skin or concern type.

Indulge Giveaway Hamper

Berry Much – It is a Balm To Milk Cleanser. The color is a pure dream. The texture is a nice balm that melts when rubbed on the palms and comes in contact with water. It emulsifies like a nice gentle cleanser. Berry much is quite effortless and glides on the skin like pure magic! Also, used as a single cleanser alone or as a part of your double cleansing method. This helps in removing the makeup, dirt/grime, and cleansing the face adding a subtle glow to the skin. I have oily skin and used this as a double cleanse. Oily/acne-prone skin should do the same.
Touch Me Not Cream Cleanser – A boon for dry skin beauties. Such a nice subtle fragrance. I guess it is due to the presence of Chamomile Hydrosol and Calendula Extracts in it. I’m oily and sensitive skin type so used it for myself. My skin acts weird at times so this suited me and then after new days it made my skin a little dry at times. Although, this suited Nitin quite well. He has dry skin and this one was loved by him. I used this one as a body wash and loved it too. Quite a gentle cleanser. This can be used by adults and babies.
Raw Beauty Wellness
Lips Don’t Lie – This is a Vegan Lip Balm. Who doesn’t need a lip balm? I love a good moisturising lip balm. Lovely refreshing and spearmint flavored lip balm. Read my review on this one here.
Fix Your Crown Hair Mask – This came broken as the glass jar might have damaged during the transit. The moment I recieved this it was transferred in another glass bottle. Fix your crown is such a potent hair mask. The fragrance will make you land in the inifinite world of dessert or cookies. Such a beautiful dark brown color and creamy thick texture. Looks like chocolate or a cookie dough! The only issue with it has to be mixed with warm water and takes a minute or two to mix well. Felt nice when I applied this one. It made my hair nice soft and bouncy. A perfect hair pampering sesh is all you need with fix your crown. Get this if you need something to strengthen the hair.

I personally loved every single product won in the Indulge Giveaway by Raw Beauty Wellness. If you are new to skincare do consider trying out this brand. They are all handmade with pure love and dedication. They even run various offers so keep an eye for the updates on Instagram or the website.