I’m a lot into skincare products. At the same time, I always love using different types of lip balms too. I’ve tried some great brands and would love to talk about them here today. I remember using numerous brands from Maybelline, Nivea during my teenage days. Back then no one knew about organic skincare or the importance of good lip balms. I feel lucky to come across some great brands that sell amazing products which are effective and with the complete safe ingredients list. Lip care plays an important role in our day-to-day lives. Chapped or dry lips need moisturization. I’ve been through different phases of my life for the last few months.

Pregnancy is like the second birth of every woman. Pre and Post-birth changes are vast and these are never alike to anyone. It is best that we don’t compare these changes or read anything regarding the same. The best thing to do is, “Go with the flow”. I had super dry lips during my last trimester and even post-delivery. I used many lip balms during this phase. Today, I’m listing all those lip balms here so that my readers will get a fair idea of purchasing one according to their needs.
  • Raw Beauty Wellness – I personally love Sunayana di’s brand. However, the only reason I cannot use them or repurchase it due to financial glitches. Anyways, I do love her products and will always buy them whenever I get a chance. Two of my personal favorites are Underarms Salve and Chamkeela. Do check my personal experiences. Talking about the lip balm, I had won this in a giveaway and this product was one of the curated kit. Their star lip balm “Lips Don’t Lie”. I personally prefer mild or sweet fragrances. This one is super refreshing and will make you feel happy the moment you apply it to the lips. It has a beautiful spearmint fragrnace. Power-packed with Avocado, Pumpkin, Squalane. It is a multi-purpose product for Lip and as Hand Butter. The 20 gms balm is priced for Rs. 450/- This lip balm is perfect to moisturize dry lips. The current formulation is an upgraded and vegan variant that deeply moisturizes the lips. It can be used on hands, knees, or elbows too as a body butter. This one is priced at Rs. 310/- The USP of her brand is she takes every feedback seriously. The fact that she is always on the path to upgrade her products or reformulate and do trials on new launches is commendable. I’ve not seen any brand that takes utmost effort to upgrade their products in a short time span. Her motto is delivering the best quality with the finest ingredients.
Lip balms
  • The Basics Organics – I can never forget this lip butter. I’ve used this throughout my 9 months of pregnancy. If you are pregnant or have a loved one around do consider picking this one. Pregnancy is quite overwhelming and different for every woman. Dry lips can be common during this phase for some. It has a wonderful candy flavor fragrance and one will feel to eat it like a dessert. Super cute creamy lip butter in pink color. It is made up of natural beeswax, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter, FDA approved candy flavor oil. I literally used this twice or maybe even 4 times a day. Thumbs up for curating this one. This comes in tinted and non-tinted variants. Super affordable at just Rs. 175/-
  • Juicy Chemistry – I love this brand and its products too. I’ve limited my love for skincare and somewhat shifted to baby care these days. This lip balm was tried earlier by mom and she’s not that regular with lip balms. I loved the fragrance and instantly fell for it. Ordered for me and I guess JC sent me twice again as I’m a part of their affiliate program. This is a super hydrating lip balm. Coming to the pigmentation part, I don’t have pigmented lips as such. I’ve read numerous reviews about how this has benefited in terms of pigmentation.

Just blindly purchase this lip balm if you have pigmented lips! Consider adding the same variant lip scrub to your cart for extra benefits. Juicy Chemistry has some or other offers going on during festivals or any special occasions so this can be grabbed at a little lesser price too. If you buy on non-sale days, use my code VARSHA15 for a discount on your order. This is priced for Rs. 350/-

  • Deyga Organics – I’m currently using this one. My love for chocolates is irreplacable. If you love a subtle hint of fragrance in your lip balm than this is your friend forever. This has Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Cold-Pressed Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter. Priced for Rs. 290/- This is non-tinted and can be used under lipsticks as well. I’ve just started using this but loved it.

All of the above are my current favorites. These are super affordable and under 500 bucks. If you use lipsticks regularly start including a good lip balm and scrub. If you have used anything else do let me know in the comments section. In the past, I’ve tried Fiducia Botanicals and Satliva as well. Give these a read for my personal opinions on them.

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