We all wish to achieve glowing skin, strong hair/ nails. Our routine makes it all worse and we face severe issues like acne-prone skin, excessive hair-fall or brittle nails. This generation is mostly online. Constant harmful radiations, pollution, irregular eating habits, and improper sleep adversely affects our skin/hair or any body part. One has to take initiative and inculcate some good habits or work on the schedule. I have good news for my readers today, came across Satthwa Biotin Capsules which has Zinc.

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What is Biotin?

Biotin is well-known by the name of Vitamin “H” or “B7”. This vitamin is water-soluble. It is like a supplement so no side-effects. Biotin tablets are easily available. One of the most loved and effective brands in India is “Satthwa”. It has Zinc so that is again a plus for strong hair.


90 capsules for Rs. 899/- and 180 capsules for Rs. 1798/- These are currently on offer so grab them!

How to consume these capsules – Satthwa Biotin capsule is 10,000 mcg, so one per day with a meal is suggested or you can confirm with your family doctor. Kindly consult a medical practitioner if you have any severe medical conditions, on heavy medications, kids, adolescents, senior citizens, pregnant or breastfeeding moms.

Does it really work?

It works differently for every individual. Few things to be kept in mind before consuming them.

  • Proper diet and eat within meal periods only
  • Follow a proper CTM routine for glowing skin in addition to these tablets
  • Late-night phone or web series session should be reduced. Improper sleep results in severe hair loss
  • Eat healthy fruits and green veggies for super glowing skin and hair
  • Skip the use of chemical nail paints in order to avoid yellow nail discoloration

You will see a considerable amount of changes to your hair in a month or more. It surely works for hair loss issues, makes brittle nails stronger and helps skin revive. Just make sure to be regular Have you ever tried Satthwa’s Biotin Capsules? If not go ahead and buy these as they are 100% Vegetarian!

Please Note:- The above article is based on personal opinions and has nothing related to the consultation of supplements. Consult a healthcare practitioner (family doctor) for more information.

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