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Pallavi Parwani is a kind-hearted soul, the face behind the “Fiducia Botanicals“. The brand name and label colors were super catchy! Fiducia was my wishlist brand. They had this Instagram Giveaway, tried my luck but couldn’t win it. I decided to purchase the products during their sale period.

Ordered their best-seller trio as I kept eyeing it a lot. Will review the other two products maybe next month. Let’s head to our review of the Seabuck & Rosehip Lip Butter.

Read this detailed review of my favorite lip balm.

Price and Quantity – Rs. 275/- for 5.5gms

Ingredients – Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Rosehip Oil (a boon for pigmentation), Seabuckthorn Maceration (infused with coconut oil), Argan Oil (my favorite hair oil), Vitamin E.

My experience with Fiducia Botanicals Seabuck & Rosehip Lip Butter

  1. I’m used to shiny or glossy lip balms, tried Himalaya Lip Butter and it was good but for some reason stopped using the brand. Initial days it was kind of tricky. I assumed it to be shiny or at least visible like normal lip balms. (My bad – This was a lip butter :P)
  2. A unique cocoa butter fragrance hence yellow in color. I became used to the texture of the lip butter
  3. Glides super quick on the lips and adds that instant nourishing effect
  4. If you are someone with dry, dull, or chapped lips this works well as it has argan oil
  5. Just a glide on the lips and you are done for the day as little goes a long way Fiducia Botanicals
  6. It washes away only when you rub the lips and is quite waterproof
  7. It contains no harmful ingredients/preservatives, filled with all-natural goodness
  8. The lip butter will add a matte effect to the lips but at the same time, it will help dark/discolored or pigmented due to the presence of rosehip oil in it
  9. Being matte in texture this can be used as a base on the lipsticks
  10. Handy and travel-friendly

Have a look at Fiducia Botanicals lip care range

Don’t miss to check her Instagram page for other beautiful gems. You can purchase the above lip butter on their Fiducia Botanicals website.

Have you tried Fiducia Botanicals?