Coastal Regions and Fresh Catch is made in heaven combination :p My 6th post is a special one and dedicated to all seafood lovers. I will be talking in detail about fresh fish, types of fish, fish auctions and markets and must-try seafood restaurants in Sindhudurg.

When in Sindhudurg don’t forget to relish fresh seafood thali 🙂 Nitin is hardcore seafood lover, initially, I felt awkward but now I love fish too :p

Bangada/Mackerel – This is unique in flavor, every class of people can afford to buy these. The thick classic Bangada Tikla aka Mackerel Curry is a must-try. These have bones so be careful while having them.

Surmai/Seer Fish – This has only one bone, easy to eat fish. The bigger the size, the taste enhances 🙂 These are pricey!

Paplet/Pomfret – Silver Pomfret tops all the fishes. This has one bone which is soft and chewable.


Halwa/Black Pomfret – Looks like Silver Pomfret but is slightly black in color. It is tasty and tastes like somewhat Seer Fish.

Saundala/Butterfish – Most loved by kids as it is super soft like butter.

Kolambi/Prawns – Rubber like chewable prawns are most loved by people who hate to remove bones from a fish.

Mandeli/Anchovy – Perfect classic Mandeli Kadi or curry. It has soft small bones and one can chew it easily.

Mushi/Baby Shark – Meat lovers this one this is the fish version and is prepared with Malvani Bhajka Masala.

Sukat/Dried Baby Prawns – Dried Prawns for a quick fish craving and one can quickly make sukat masala with onion and tomato.

Khekde/Crab – The procedure to make crab masala is super tedious. They are super delicious. In Sindhudurg, the ocean ones are available every month but the rain ones are yummiest and must try!

Fish Market and Auctions

Kudal Market – It is open every day in the morning and closes by evening 7 or 8pm. The fisher women get fresh catches from Malvan, Devbaug, Nivati, Khavane.

Malvan – This is famous for the fish market and auction. The auction is usually in the evening.

Khavane & Kille Nivati- Every year during winter and summers there is fish auctions in this area

Mhapan – Fish Market specifically for fishes caught with traditional method hence they are super fresh.

Vengurla Bandar – This was famous for Mumbai & Gujarat travel purpose long ago. It holds access for big fishes and tiger prawns.

Seafood Restaurants – There are many in Sindhudurg but must try small restaurant would be Sadiccha, near Gaval Dev, Kudal. Bhalekar Khanaval in Sawantwadi.