It is difficult to keep kids engaged these days. The constant restlessness adds fuel as the world mostly relies on indoor games. Toddlers these days need continuous stimulation. It isn’t easy to keep track of their every single activity and be present to engage them with different games. Skillmatics has a perfect solution to entertain your kids with innovative learn-and-play toys, puzzles, and wholesome gaming solutions for you, your kids, and the family. Skillmatics is an ideal solution for keeping the kids sane for long hours. The games/kits are designed so that they will certainly be engaged for hours.

Why choose Skillmatics?

  • They are safe, durable, and sustainable.
  • 70,00,000+ products sold. Just imagine the trust that parents have in these reliable learning options.
  • High-quality products with perfect illustrations on every game for every age group
  • They are thoughtfully curated for every age group for a playful experience.

Skillmatics Travel-Friendly Magical Scratch Art Book: Amazing Animals (ages 3-8) – Rs. 599 (currently on discount)

This one comes in handy and can be used during travel. Super easy and lovely illustrations. Although, it has a black residue that can be completely washed a little mess is still okay when the game is so useful. I ordered the animal variant but it comes in two more variants – unicorns & princesses and world of dinosaurs. 

This comes with 10 Scratch Pictures, 2 Wooden Styluses, and 30+ Scratch Stickers. Simply use them in the book or paste them into any other book. Little S loves this as it feels truly magical to see the picture revealed.

Skillmatics Snip Snip | Art & Craft Activity Kit (ages 3-7) – Rs. 599 (currently on discount)

Scissors are like a kid’s favorite thing. They are super curious to hold and use them. This is a perfect solution for all the arts and crafts activities. In our house, the moment we pick the scissors she loves to use them. I had one pair of scissors for her but loved this kit as it comes with two scissors and she loved them. This includes an Activity Booklet with 25 Activities, 2 cutesy Safety Scissors, and 1 Glue Stick. 


The best part is they come in 3 different levels – Level 1 for straight lines, Level 2 for curved and zigzag lines, and Level 3 for shapes. This helps to develop their skills like patience, hand-eye-coordination with all the cutting, and overall development to paste and fold paper. The pretty and dreamy illustrations add a fun element to the kit. This will overall help them sharpen their scissor cutting skill. These come in two variants – Art & Craft Activity Kit and Unicorns & Princesses. 

Skillmatics Foil Fun: Unicorns & Princesses | No Mess Art Kit – Rs. 599 (currently on discount)

This was our favorite kit. It has 10 unique picture canvases, 100 colored foil sheets, 10 foam sticker sheets (100+ foam stickers), and googly eyes. Your little one can easily create 10 sparkly pictures. Just peel and add to the foil stickers, which can be later pasted on the canvases. Such sparkly and lovely foil sheets will blow your and your kid’s imagination. They can later be turned into a perfect photo frame for your kid’s room. These come in kits like – card-making sets, bugs & butterflies, dinosaurs, animals, space, and dress-up themes. It is not very messy although a little sparkle is transferred on the hands so ensure to wash them post-activity session.

Overall all these interactive games help kids develop skills like spatial reasoning, fine motor skills, focus, and attention. 

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