Do you remember being a kid during the 90’s? I miss those precious days! Woah it was a world full of endless energy, scraped knees from playground adventures, and a world waiting to be explored with boundless curiosity. Looking back, I can’t help but wonder – Was I even concerned about staying healthy and healthy food consumption as my priority? Back then, climbing the tallest tree in the neighborhood felt like conquering huge mountains. Although we all felt energetic the whole day, it would gradually drop by the afternoon. At some point in time, for all the play, we required an extra dose of energy. Did you know that Protein supports muscle and bone health?

Did you know eating healthy food for active kids is important? I remember my parents, especially Mom getting me nutritional drinks. I come from an army background so our monthly visits to the canteen were something my sister and I enjoyed. We had so much free time just to wander and wait in the queue at the billing counter.

Let’s talk more about protein

Among the macronutrients, protein, in particular, is crucial for growing kids. Studies have shown that protein helps build and repair muscles. Some studies explain why kids need protein. Active kids need the right fuel. Today they want to stay healthy and a healthy food routine will help them in this regard. 

But here’s the thing, with all that playing, sometimes it can be hard for kids to get enough protein from just regular meals. That’s where snacks and drinks come in, playing a vital role in staying a healthy and healthy food lifestyle.

Protein-Rich Sources for staying healthy

Here’s the key: A healthy body is a foundation for a strong and active lifestyle. Protein, in particular, is crucial for growing kids. Some protein-rich food options include lentils, legumes, spinach, and broccoli.

High-quality protein includes eggs, salmon, lean meat, soybeans, pulses, legumes, and cottage cheese. While protein is essential, including a well-rounded approach to healthy food is important.

Complan is more than a nutrition drink

Recently, someone recommended Complan to me. It is a scientifically designed drink for growing children that contains 34 vital nutrients including 100% milk protein, iron, Iodine, Vitamins, etc. It also has 63% more protein than other nutrition drinks. It contains essential nutrients to support 2 x faster growth and memory and concentration – Source.

Of course, any nutritional drinks aren’t magic potions. It’s part of a bigger picture – encouraging healthy eating habits and plenty of playtime. But it’s a great way to ensure that kids get the protein they need to fuel their adventures and keep that smile shining bright. It’s like their internal battery is constantly recharging, allowing them to continue their everyday play adventures fuelled by healthy and healthy food choices!

Fuelling adventures with healthy and healthy food choices is an ongoing journey. Talk to your doctor about creating a balanced diet for your child, and explore fun ways to get them moving. Remember, healthy habits start young, and a lifetime of adventures awaits!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the blog content are independent and unbiased views of solely Varsha. This is a part of the public awareness initiative supported by Complan.