Eating heavy food can be hazardous in our day to day lives. It is very important to eat healthy food or have a good finished healthy product which aids digestion after a heavy meal. Solkadhi is one such super drink from Sindhudurg which helps to calm the digestive system. It aids acidity as well. Super simple and very effective drink. This is loved by everyone 🙂 Sol meaning Kokum in Malvani.

Ingredients:- Freshly grated coconut, kokum/amsul or kokum agal or syrup, salt, jaggery, green chilies, coriander.

Procedure:- Blend freshly grated coconut and chilies as per taste. With a help of a strainer remove the coconut milk in a vessel. One can add the blend in a muslin cloth as well. We usually do this with a strainer.

Using Amsul or Kokum in two ways:- Keep kokum in water for 15 to 20 mins. It will start leaving a tint of dark pink color. The second one is time consuming and quick, use readymade kokum agal or syrup. The packaged one has preservatives do check for a local in Sindhudurg the next time you plan a trip. Buy homemade agal it goes for almost 6 months to a year.

Time to add amsul infused water or kokum agal in the coconut milk. Add a pinch of salt and jaggery to enhance the taste. Garnish with coriander. Ready to serve the Solkadhi, have it after a heavy meal to calm the digestive system.


The final product is in a beautiful subtle pink color. Solkadhi is tangy yet refreshing and calming in nature. I had this twice or thrice before marriage and didn’t know about the health benefits back then but now have it every time we visit any restaurant for a meal else at any occasion. Functions like wedding or party have a fixed drink to conclude any meal and that is Solkadhi. Many of them will find it okayish but in first attempt but trust me it has many health benefits.