Desserts are yummy but we tend to buy them ready-made. We hardly prepare anything. It is important to have healthy and hygienic food. I’m going to write about a yummy healthy recipe today which is called as Malvani Khaprol or Ras Poli. This is for all sweet lovers 🙂 I loved this the very first time mother-in-law made for me. She knew about my love for sweet 🙂

Ingredients:- Rice, Chana Dal or Split Chickpeas, Urad Dal, Freshly Grated Coconut, Fenugreek Seeds, Cardamom, Jaggery, Turmeric, Oil and Salt.

Proportion:- 1/2kg Rice, 200gms Urad Dal, 100gms Chana Dal, 50gms Fenugreek Seeds. Add turmeric for color in the morning.

Soak all the above ingredients in water and keep it overnight or for 5 to 6 hours. Blend them in the consistency of a medium coarse batter. Keep this batter for fermentation overnight or 6 hours. Take an iron cast and make hot khaprol/poli.

Ras:- Take freshly grated coconut. Now with the help of a strainer, collect all coconut milk in a vessel. Add grated jaggery and powdered cardamom with turmeric to this flavored milk. Keep stirring this milk until the jaggery gets mixed.

Serve the Poli/Khaproli with Flavored Coconut Milk/Ras. This is usually made during the winters and is one of my favorites. We never tried this in Pune as we all had our work schedules. However, I had heard about this through Naani and mummy. Have any of you tried this dish in Sindhudurg? If not did you find it interesting to make at home? Maybe plan a weekend and give yourself this sweet treat. I’m sure everyone in the family would love this. If you aren’t a sweet lover have the plain Poli with tea. This is another perfect combination here. Ras Poli is not available in any restaurants and is a unique authentic Sindhudurg Special so please take a step forward to prepare and enjoy this delicacy.