Welcome to the recipe section. I got an overwhelming response for Prawns Insta Stories and posted the same on the blog.

I make new dishes each day with a twist. I’ve tried a hatke dish called as Sweet Deep Fried Puri. I try to include available ingredients in the kitchen.

Ingredients:- Wheat Flour, Jaggery, Pinch of Salt and Oil

Dough:- Sieve the wheat flour, grated or melt jaggery and add as per taste the flour, pinch of salt and keep it aside for 10mins to set. We all know how to knead a dough 🙂

Sweet Puri

Procedure:- Take a tawa or a small kadai with little oil. I made these on a tawa and they are shallow fried puri’s. Flatten the flour balls and make a round shape puri/poori. If you are a mommy, add a twist and include your kids. Flatten the balls and ask them to shape that with the cookie cutter. Fry them and you can sprinkle powdered sugar for presentation. Enjoy these for ☕ time

Have you guys tried making any dish with minimum or just 2 ingredients? If yes, please comment and let me know guys.