Hello Fam 🙂 This is my last post for #OpenNTalk League. I’m sharing a secret to all yummy recipes in Konkan or Sindhudurg.


Sindhudurg is blessed with Coconut Trees hence all the recipes involve coconut based gravies. I wanted to share a Malvani Chicken but my Vegetarian Friends keep complaining hence a common gravy recipe for everyone 🙂


  • Grated Fresh Coconut
  • Long Thing Sliced Chopped Onions
  • Small Piece Ginger and Garlic
  • Coriander (Optional)
Take a non-stick pan or tawa and add the sliced onions to it. Fry it until brown. Add grated coconut (you can add dry coconut which is easily available in the market, but the taste would change in this case). Dry coconut releases some amount of oil, unlike the fresh one which gives you a milky texture or fresh taste. Let it fry for some time. Add a small piece of ginger and garlic if you want else you can use just onion and coconut. Fry these ingredients and let it cool.


Grind this mixture and you can use it for any vegetable or pulses like Brinjal, Chickpeas, Green Peas, Bitter Gourd, etc. For non-vegetarians, this can be used for Chicken, Prawns, Mussels(शिंपले), Dry Shark(मोरी माश्याचे मटण)and Mutton. 

Note:-You can skip Ginger Garlic for Prawns as it will overpower the natural flavor of Prawns. For Chicken and Mutton, you have to apply homemade ginger garlic paste before making this recipe and keep it aside for 15mins so that the taste enhances. Before adding the coconut mixture always fry a chopped onion in little oil and then add Chicken/Mutton and fry it for 10mins then add Malvani Masala and finally the coconut mixture.

Next time you visit Sindhudurg make sure you buy the local Malvani Masala for making these yummy recipes. Sharing some of my favorites – Gagangiri and Ekdant Malvani Masala. I alternately use the one my MIL made. If you want the recipe for homemade Malvani Masala do comment on this post, I will ask her and would post for everyone 🙂

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