Every individual leads a happy life but work stress could be harmful in our lives. We work 24/7 these days and forget to enjoy our lives to the fullest. Our routine usually starts with a morning alarm, few of us are used to morning walks or yoga, else get ready for work. Grab a quick bite of breakfast and travel to reach our workplace. Work the whole day or evening and return home, watch shows on online and chill for some time. Play random mobile games and sleep early to start for the other work day.

How about changing our everyday routine with a  minute difference in the work schedule. Read jokes thrice a day on The Joke Hub a platform which is one stop destination for every type of joke. A brisk walk with loved ones, a good thought/message or a perfect joke would cheer someone’s mood for real. A good joke or real laugh helps to de-stress and make us work faster than ever. Trust me it really works guys 🙂

What if I tell you all that writing jokes will allow you to earn some extra cash for some wishlist products to be shopped since ages or help to pay your small tuition fees if you are a student. One can always earn and save money for future use as well. Each Joke = Rs.1

Few steps to contribute a joke and earn money:-

  • Sign-Up
  • Write a Joke
  • Submit It
  • Approved Joke gets you paid
Join The Joke Hub Contributor Community Earn, Share it with friends and family too. They have a categorized jokes list of Santa Banta, Girlfriend – Boyfriend, Political, Morning Jokes etc. They are available in Hindi and English. You can also check the contributor tab to check the names of all contributor with a status of joke and payment. This gives a clear picture to the audience and provides transparency to the public.