Hola Readers ☺ I switched to organic skin care a year ago and I personally feel it is really important to understand the drawbacks of chemical-laden products on our skin. Organic food is a taking into consideration these days.

Veg Mart

Few things which make conventional farming different from organic is they are free from chemical and artificial food additives. Synthetic Pesticides are used. Livestock is fed organic and GMO-free food, unlike the conventional farming process where they keep them indoors and feed non-organic food and inject growth hormones. Nowadays Organic food is trending every corner of the world 🙂
Pune based VegMart launches its operations to offer Organic Food items at affordable prices. An online platform which delivers Organic Veggies and Fruits at your doorstep. I was lucky to get this launch conference invite. All thanks to Pramod and Vishnu. On this occasion ‘Technopreneur’ and agro-enthusiast, Mr. Ashok Patil, Chairman, MD, Veg Mart Retail Pvt. Ltd. said,
“Face of Indian agriculture has changed drastically in last few decades, with rising problems for environment and health with chemical-based farming practice. Its time for a change and Veg Mart is committed to presenting certified, eco-friendly, healthy; organic dietary options
to a wider section of the community at affordable prices under one platform. Farm produce in India was always well regarded and valued. Our aim is to promote an affordable organic lifestyle and bring about a positive change in the consumer health”.

Something about Veg Mart
Established in 2014, Pune based Veg Mart, a unique platform offering an affordable organic lifestyle to society by providing the entire range of certified, eco-friendly, healthy and organic food; today announced the launch of its national operations.

Veg Mart

The key objective of Veg Mart is to offer Organic products at affordable prices directly from Farm to Kitchen.
Veg Mart’s key goals are to empower farmers by establishing a strategic understanding with them, retain sustainable environment, enable consumer health and respect Indian farming culture.
  • Veg Mart has really good options for veggies, pulses, desi cow products, dry fruits, health drinks, etc.
  • Loaded with natural nutrients and juices they stand out in the organic world
  • They have COD with minimum Rs. 300 order
  • A2 Milk is nutritious cow milk with a difference – many people find it easy to digest because it’s free from the A1 protein. A2 has Omega-3 fatty acids which are good for your health
  • Veg Mart is also a strategic supplier to other major online marketplaces as well
  • Veg Mart is in the process of developing franchisee network in Pune, Mumbai and 1st international franchise in Singapore

  • Costly than other products which are easily available but totally worth-it as get healthy stuff with natural juices and nutrients

Veg Mart

The goodies include – Tur Dal, Sugar, Basmati Rice, Oranges, Cashewnuts, Mango and Versatile Veggies Juice
Don’t wait just order from something organic from their website.