Hola Blog Family 🙂 Rain God has already begun showering blessings on each corner of India. Sindhudurg also experiences heavy rainfall each year 🙂 Each season has pros and cons but it is necessary to experience those seasons. For rainy seasons, individuals are prone to fall sick, garbage heaps on roads are filled with water which leads to flies or mosquitoes, skin issues, clothes or house has that pungent odor if clothes/walls are wet. We try to reduce these things and take precautions accordingly. I came across a savior this month called “Vayu Natural – Air Purifying Bag” fro Breathefresh, which consists of 100% Activated Charcoal. Vayu is a Hindu God and it means Air/Wind. I love the way they have given this name to their Eco-friendly Vayu bag 🙂 

I have OCD Cleaning so keep I’m constantly cleaning the kitchen vessels or kitchen floor, washroom or toilet :p I love to be on toes when someone says let’s clean. At times, I feel helpless with the pungent odor in the wardrobe or washroom. If you are the same, don’t worry we got you covered with the most accurate option to reduce indoor pollution, allergens, or any unpleasant odors.

Vayu Bag

Pic Courtesy – Breathefresh Website

My Experience with Vayu Bag from Breathefresh:- I have always kept struggling to keep the house odor free during the rainy season. Vayu Bag came as a blessing to us and I mean it. Perfect & Thoughtful Innovation by BreatheFresh makes it friendly/safe for pets and kids. It is Chemical-Free and Non-Toxic. You all know me by now as I’m always in search of certified organic ingredients or natural skincare and have included some of them efficiently in my daily routine. Vayu Bag is BPA-Free and Eco-Friendly and would recommend it to everyone who is a cleanliness freak.

I have kept it in the bathroom. It’s been a year since we have shifted to our new flat. We started staying here in last 3 months, first we had planned only for office work we would stay here but GST took a toll and we had to be present online for Software Support hence we decided to stay here and do WFH(Work from Home). We started noticing every morning after a bath the bathroom had that unpleasant odor (we knew there was some issue as the water drained late and the odor lasted for some time and had to keep the door open for an hour). Now when I have kept Vayu Bag we see a drastic change in the environment indoors, there is no more strong or unpleasant odor in the bathroom. It sucks all that extra humidity present inside. I would switch it to the washroom in like 2 months 🙂 and would re-charge it.

One can use it in the office and keep near the desk, washroom, toilet, living room, wardrobe, shoe organizer, pet shelters/area, kitchen or any storage room to avoid things getting hold of moisture, etc. If you have a baby this can be hung around the cradle and it would absorb chemicals/odors around

Sizes and Prices:- These come in portable sizes like 100gms, 250gms, and 500gms priced at INR 295, INR 507, and INR 761 respectively.

Vayu Bag

Pic Courtesy – Breathefresh Website

 One can now replace naphthalene balls and chemical-laden room fresheners with Vayu Bag 🙂 It has eco-friendly polyurethane filters to hold heavy particles of Smoke. Activated Carbon is useful and best as natural fertilizer for plants so if you still want can re-use this bag and remove the charcoal pieces and add them to your favorite plants. The bag can be recharged and used for 2 years. Just re-charge it every month under direct sunlight and you are sorted for life!

I plan to buy one for our car as my family has a sensitive nose and we are allergic to strong car fresheners. This would be the best option to check as nothing ever worked for us. Each size is portable and easy to use while you travel.

A big thumbs up for this super useful product! You can buy this on Amazon or from Breathefresh website