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India has a large number of stray dogs. They often starve for food and shelter. We ignore such scenarios many of us help them survive, adopt these dogs or feed them on a regular basis. However, this not enough on a larger scale. There have to be some huge provisions for such cases. I am born and raised in an environment with pet dogs and kittens πŸ™‚ Feel blessed to connect with those beautiful souls. My naani had a dog named Rocky. Rescued by my uncle during his posting in the Police Department from Trombay. He got him home and we took care of him as our family member. Today, I will share a story of an special individual Rakesh Shukla well known by the name “Dog Father of India”

I always had a thing for animals especially dogs and cats. Sindhudurg is blessed with Indie dogs and they have a house or a family to rely upon. We often feed dogs on our way home/work. I feel a lot connected with dogs and dog lovers πŸ™‚

This post is a part of #MyFriendAlexa Campaign. β€˜I am taking my blog’s Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter’. Came across this interesting man “Rakesh Shukla” while researching about my theme for this year’s #MyFriendAlexa and this post had to be the first one for β€œExtraordinary Individuals around the World”

Rakesh Shukla is the man behind “The Voice of Stray Dogs” (VOSD) world’s largest dog rescue and no dog kill sanctuary. He is an animal welfare activist, an entrepreneur based in Bangalore who started the VOSD sanctuary with 10-20 dogs and currently caters to provide facilities for 800+ dogs, 7 horses, and cows.

The journey started with investigations on false reports about death caused by dogs. It was then made into consideration to protect these stray dogs. Refer the below Wikipedia link for more information.

Courtesy – VOSD Website

VOSD has dogs from different cities of India. These consist of aggressive dogs, abandoned pets, homeless strays, accident dogs, special needs dogs, dogs with diseases, puppies, retired service dogs. Every dog has a special story. They feel secure to be at their own home because all they need is LOVE. Their meal is quite simple yet challenging as it is almost +150 kg of rice and chicken. The dogs/animals feel secure in this shelter and often wag their tail to show their happiness πŸ™‚

VOSD sanctuary has no Government fund. This place has a team of caretakers and para-vets which take care of them regularly. VOSD team and the Dog Father needs donation for some upgrades like critical treatments/ climate-controlled puppy kennels because they have to travel 150 km round trip for critical cases. Let’s stand together for this social cause for the love of animals πŸ™‚

Rakesh Shukla is a blessing in disguise for these amazing creatures. Let us help them by a small donation because every small amount will help them. Kindly support this cause to save dogs around us as they also need a happy life on our planet. Donate now!

*This post is not sponsored. External References – Wikipedia and VOSD

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