Alphonso mangoes are yummy and richness is with the sweet taste. It is the most expensive variant of mangoes. There are different grading systems on which mangoes are classified according to their taste, color, and quality. Mango season starts from March to May. Some are harvested and sold till June or 1st week of August. Farmers have to deal with Sindhudurg’s unexpected rains. They ruin the crops and fruits. Mango is a versatile fruit and used in every delicacy from Aam Panna, Mango Candy, Aamras, Raita, Lassi, Ice-creams, Mango Poli, Mango Paratha, Mango Murabba, Pickle, Jams, Mango Cakes, Pancakes, Cake Jars. and many other things. Mom and naani are expert with a family favorite dish.

I will share an interesting easy recipe for Malvani Mango Curry, also made in Goa called “Sasav“.

Ingredients:- Ripe Sweet or Tangy Mangoes, Jaggery, Asafoetida, Salt, Mustard Seeds, Chopped Garlic (Optional), Red Dry Chilies, Grated Coconut, Turmeric, Onion (Little for tadka, else it will overpower or can be optional). Many prefer a lower mango variant as it tastes yum and is a cheaper option.


Preparation:- Take the mangoes, add some water with a pinch of salt and boil it for 2 whistles. Peel the mangoes and remove the extra pulp from the cover with a spoon and keep the pulp and seeds aside. Note – We will not use the water or mango cover for this recipe.

The Masala for the Curry:- Freshly grated coconut, dried red chilies (note this is not spicy so use chilies accordingly), turmeric, Coriander Seeds. Blend the above into fine paste.

Curry Preparation:- In a Kadai add some oil, curry leaves, chopped garlic, stir and add chopped onion. Let it fry until translucent. Add the blend of fresh coconut, boiled mango pulp with the pulpy seeds, a pinch of jaggery. Note:- This is specifically a Sweet and Tangy Curry, do not alter and make it spicy as it will lose its traditional taste. Add salt if necessary and serve it hot with plain rice and relish this delicacy. The taste is unique and yummy.

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I’ve read about mango seeds being beneficial for skincare and haircare and soon will check it this year 🙂


Malvani food delicacies require less oil and healthy for every age group. They are less spicy and full of coconut-based gravies.

Mango images courtesy – Canva.