Coconut is a staple ingredient used in Sindhudurg and Malvani cuisine. It adds an altogether different level taste to any simple dish. The creamy texture and unique flavor enhance any vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes.

I love anything that falls under the sweet category :p I crave for sweet anytime and anywhere :p My mother-in-law makes yummy traditional malvani food. One of her most loved sweet variants is “Naralachi Vadi” aka “Coconut Barfi” or sweet coconut squares. Sharing this special recipe for you all today. This is a Sindhudurg and Goa Speciality. My aunt makes them without turmeric and hence they are white in color.

Ingredients:- Freshly Grated Coconut, Sugar, Turmeric, Cardamom, Pinch of salt. If you don’t like turmeric can opt for Kesar. Please note turmeric is for color and excess would overpower the taste.


Preparation:- Take a bowl or kadai on low flame. Add freshly grated coconut, cardamom powder, sugar, turmeric. Fry these ingredients for 5 minutes, add small pinch of salt to enhance the taste. The gas should be on low flame else the mixture might turn brown. Mix until the ingredients bind like a dough ball.

Barfi in the Making:- Grease oil or ghee on a flat plate. Add the hot mixture with a spatula or ulatna in Marathi and make squares with the help of a knife. If you don’t have a spatula you can use a greased flat plate to flatten the mixture. Allow it to cool for some time and store the sweet coconut cubes in an air-tight container for nice 10 days. These are travel-friendly and can be used for long train journey. I love Naralachi Vadi alot because they taste amazing.

Alternatives:- Turmeric or Kesar, Sugar or Jaggery, Fresh Coconut or Dry Coconut. The taste differs in both scenarios. Desiccated coconut will have that artificial flavor and the typical flavor would come only with freshly grated coconut so make sure to use accordingly.