I often get questions regarding Sindhudurg and this post is the best way to answer them all in one go πŸ™‚ Stay tuned for some revelations today.
  • What is the difference between Sindhudurg and Goa? Answer:- There is a vast cultural difference in both of them. Goa is a well-known state as it is developed and has easy access to the airport. Sindhudurg, on the other hand, is a developing district but a known tourist location, Chipi Airport will soon make things accessible.
  • Types of fishes found in Sindhudurg? Answer:- Pomfret, Prawns, Tiger Prawns, Crabs, Black Pomfret, Mackerel, Baby Shark, Seer Fish, Butterfish, Khapi, Pedave, Irada, Kharbe Bangade, Inga, etc.
  • Places for Water-Sports? Answer:- Banana Ride, Bumpy Ride, Parasailing, Dolphin Watching, Jet Ski at Malvan, Veleghar, Tarkarli, Bhogave. Backwater boating at Dhamapur, Vagade (Kankavli), Walaval, and Dreamland Garden.
  • Famous festivals and celebrations? Answer:- Ganesh Chaturthi in every household, Holi in every village, Maha Shivratri at Kaleshwar, Anganewadi Jatra at Bharadi Devi.
  • Home-made Snacks in Sindhudurg Answer:- Coconut Barfi, Ukadiche Modak, Goad Khaja, Jackfruits Wafers, Kadak Boondi Laadu, Malvani Chiwda.
  • Does Sindhudurg have any good veg Malvani delicacies? Answer:- Ghavane – Usal, Shirwale, Ambolya, Kanda Bhaji, Vada Pav, any coconut gravy base thali.
  • What about non-vegetarian or seafood delicacies? Answer:- Any Fish with rice, Vade Sagoti or Kombadi Vade, Any seafood dishes for example crabs, baby shark or prawns curry.
Loved this view πŸ™‚ Traditional Fishing at Khavane Beach
  • Any scenic historic locations? Answer:- Sindhudurg Fort, Sawantwadi Palace, Vijaydurg Fort, Rangnagad Fort, Dutch Factory (Vengurla).
  • Are all the beaches secluded and clean? Answer:- Bhogave, Khavane, Nivati, Kille Nivati, Kochara, Sagareshwar, Kelus-Mobar, Vaingani, Kondura, Velaghar Shiroda, Vengurla, Achara, Malvan, Devbaug – Tarkarli, Redi, Chivla, Devgad.

I’m sure this will give everyone a clear picture about Sindhudurg. Let me know if you still have any doubts about anything πŸ™‚