Every religion has a form of prayer and sentiments towards God. We all visit a temple and have our own beliefs regarding our favorite or respective God’s. Sindhudurg has unity among every village. People are afraid of doing evil things or creating havoc, hence the criminal score is almost zero. They are afraid of doing the wrong things as they believe in Karma in true sense. Every person in Sindhudurg is loyal, honest and trustworthy.

Every village has a priest assigned for each temple. They perform prayer for any individual, couple or a family. Garhana is a 30 secs or 15 minutes long prayer.

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Few known Temples famous for Garhane are Kaleshwar Mandir, Mauli Mandir – Chendwand, and Anganewadi Bharadi Devi and every small temple in Sindhudurg.

Process for a Garhane – It is a way to offer prayers to God quickly in the best possible way through a priest. Any individual or couple tell their name, city and their vow if any or a normal garhana too. The priest tells the family or couple to pray in front of the idol and he starts saying the garhana loudly with every minute details. This prayer or garhana ends with a two words called “Hoy Maharaja”. It means Yes, God. The priest is offered dakshina as per choice. The moment he says the Garhane one can feel inner peace and calmness just like sharing our burden with someone special. One can truly feel blessed at these temples after this garhana is performed by any priest.


During Ganesh Chaturthi, special Garhane is performed by the eldest member of the family for the betterment and happiness in the family. Have you ever visited a temple in Sindhudurg and noticed this? If not please ask a priest when you visit a temple.