In my previous post for the letter C, I spoke about Cashew Curry and thought about sharing this simple recipe with you all today. “Olya Kajuchi Bhaji” or “Olya Kajuchi Usal” is a well-known term used for “Cashew Curry” in Sindhudurg.

Ole meaning Raw or the initial stage of Cashews. This dish is an authentic one and loved by everyone in each household. Kaju Sukka aka Kaju Dry Masala or Kaju Curry aka Olya Kajuchi Usal.

Olya Kajuchi Usal

Ingredients:- Ole/Raw Cashews, Potato, Onions, Freshly Grated Coconut, Salt.

Preparation:- Boil cashews for 10mins with a pinch of salt. Drain the water and wash them. Keep it aside.

Masala Preparation:- Fry onions until light brown, add freshly grated coconut. Fry both till they turn light brown or little dark. Let this mixture cool down and blend into a fine paste. Please make sure to fry it well if either of the ingredients is half fried it will affect the taste of the curry.

Curry/Bhaji/Usal:- In a kadai, add oil and chopped onions. Stir till they turn light brown. Add boiled cashews and potatoes, fry it for another 5 mins. Add Malvani Masala, Turmeric, salt to this and stir it well. Time to add the blend to this recipe. If the coconut is fresh or dry but blended without water one can make it as Kaju Masala. On the other hand, if the water is used it can be made into a curry or usal.

Olya Kajuchi Usal

This tastes best with pav or rice. We had it with rice and the taste is unbelievable. The pictures say it all in this post. Added drumsticks, potato and a brinjal to this Kaju Curry above. One can find raw cashew only in Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri or Goa. Next time you visit Sindhudurg during summers pick these cashews from any local or ask someone to prepare it. This is not sold to anyone nor made in any restaurants.