I’m not into hair oils. Trust me, once you start using the right hair oil as per your requirement it works wonders. Picking the right hair oils is important! Having said that, any skincare or haircare product works only if we take care of our body health, diet, sleep routine.

If any of us has a messed up work routine or irregular sleep pattern acne, hair fall, indigestion starts disturbing the overall health. I have used few hair oils and they have worked for me to an extent. Now why I state to an extent is the fact that I’m a night owl and my sleep pattern is a little over the board. I’m slowly applying an early sleep routine but that will take some time. Pregnancy, post-partum, or motherhood comes with an irregular sleep pattern. Although, everything is worth it while you hold your baby or see that gummy grin. Isn’t it mommies?

This post is dedicated to the finest and best yet most effective hair oils in India. Tired of constant hair fall, dandruff or unhealthy scalp health do consider reading this post today. I’ve not used these oils but have read and researched a lot these days. The glorious hair locks attained during pregnancy have started to shed with postpartum hair fall. I’ve read a lot of reviews from the blogger community on these oils too.
  • Blend It Raw Apothecary – I’ve started my DIY journey with Blend It Raw Apothecary. Aarushi is the face behind this brand. She is my forever inspiration. Her stories and posts are super helpful and full of insights. My journey with Blend It Raw started somewhere around 2017. I’ve tried hydrosols and clays. They are the best and worth every penny! If you are into DIY or hate using those conventional products, this brand is a must-try. I miss reading her blog posts, even tried her subscription box when it was a hit and new in the market. Just like them, the botanical oils are a boon for both skin and hair. I’m in her WhatsApp List and she regularly updates offers, DIY’s, and reviews. The most loved and raved oil for hair growth is Kalonji Oil. This oil is prepared in a traditional way. Perfect for hairfall and hair growth! A 100ml glass bottle is for Rs. 490/- They even sell it in bulk packs of 500 and 1000ml for Rs. 1850/- and Rs. 3200/- respectively.

  • Shesha Ayurveda – This Ayurvedic brand is manufactured in Kerala. Renji Anooj is the Co-Founder & Director of this amazing brand. They ship all over India and internationally as well. I instantly fell in love with their thailams. I will do a separate post for the same as it is a part of my pregnancy series section. I’m yet to try their hair oil but have read so many positive reviews for Neeli Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil. This a must-have for hair-growth, treats dandruff, combats hair loss and premature greying. The best part is, it has No Essential Oils. Many of them talk about this as their holy grail hair oil for bald patches, post Covid hairfall issues, dandruff, frizz free hair, etc. This powerful and potent hair oil is priced at Rs. 550/- 100ml PET bottle, Rs. 599/- 100ml glass bottle, and Rs. 899/- for 200ml glass bottle. This product is on my wishlist 🙂
hair oils
Image Courtesy – Shesha Ayurveda Website
  • Vaseegrahveda – This brand is a game-changer for many of them. One of the most affordable options in the market. Every single product in the store is loved by their clients. I’ve seen them grow every single day. Led by Vijaya Mahadevan and started as small business in 2017. This brand is delivering best and finest herbal products that mostly have plant ingredients. The team is mostly led by women. I’ve tried their hair oil, hair mask, wash etc. I’ve personally used herbal hair growth oil during my pregnancy phase. It does nourish the hair and makes it frizz-free. I even ordered it for dad and mom and they loved it too. The only drawback for this is the herb fragrance that can be overpowering to many sensitive nose people. Certain herbal fragrances don’t really bother me or my parents. If you are keen to start your haircare regime do purchase this one from Vaseegrahveda. They have said a big no champi and use it every single day in small quantities for the hair. I have an oily scalp and we stay in humid weather area so applying hair oil everyday isn’t great for my situation. However, my parents are used to applying little oil every night on their hair. This benefits them more than me. Try this oil if you have work exertion or less sleep. The oil will help you sleep like a baby in just few minutes post application 🙂 It is priced at Rs. 170 for 100ml.
  • Juicy Chemistry – The love for JC has no limits. I’ve seen this brand grow every year and reach a different level of success. Juicy Chemistry is a brand that treats everyone equally. They reply, help, suggest, handle queries, complaints in the best possible way! Team JC recognizes efforts put by every staff member or their content creator. This is a sign of being grateful and grounded for everything. This makes them my favorite brand 🙂 It is quite visible on their social media platforms.

I remember having this conversation about a particular shampoo that did not suit me long back. I had tried almost 2 bottles but everything went in vain. Many brands ignore such complaints or bluntly talk about how their routine might have gone wrong. To my surprise, I was helped with a DIY ACV rinse with some more hair washes with the shampoo. The bottom line, not every product works for everyone with the same skin or hair type. Some products don’t work despite being filled with the best ingredients. Now let’s move to our actual hair oil that is none other than magic for people around the globe.

Hair Oil

The most raved Chilli, Horsetail, and Black Seed Oil. Use my referral code VARSHA15 or the above link to purchase this hair oil. Every purchase made by you helps me earn a small commission 🙂 as a part of the affiliate program. I was sent the hair oil for review. Used it for some days but somehow misplaced it during travel. Could not review it but will purchase it again for review purpose. This hair oil is a must for hair growth, helps in improving hair texture, quality of the hair strands. My fellow blogger girls call this their holy-grail hair oil!

Hair Oils are like a long-time self-investment. A little goes long way! I hope this post helped you clear your doubts about picking up a particular hair oil. Do consider checking their range of other products too. I’m sure you will ultimately buy some of their best-sellers too.

Please Note – Every hair oil or any product works differently and each one of us has various experiences. Any product will work if we take utmost care of our health. Try to include Good habits – fixed sleep routine, healthy or less junk food, journaling, being grateful, meditation, exercise, and most importantly feel good inside and out. All of these helps in adding value to our existing conditions. For severe hair-related issues or hormonal imbalances, always consult a specialist.

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