Beauty comes in every form. My first post of #BlogchatterA2Z is for my current favorite brand Araina by Arshneet. This brand deserves more recognition! Founded by Arshneet at the age of 15. It quickly caught the attention of nail enthusiasts. Back then, their products were on my wishlist. After trying a few, I completely understood the hype surrounding their perfectly formulated hand care, body care, and nail care. For anyone struggling with short or brittle nails, this brand is a true gem.

nail care

Trust me when I say this – their every single product is worth every penny! I picked them up during the sale and will repurchase them. Nail care doesn’t have to be complicated! A little pampering session is all you need to achieve stunning nails. The right products can make a world of difference, helping you reach salon-worthy results at home. A perfect nail care routine can give you the same beautiful, healthy nails you’d expect from a luxurious manicure or pedicure. Who doesn’t love a nice pampering sesh?

Few things about nails that we are unaware of and should take into consideration. Your cuticles are like the thin layer of skin at the base. They act as a seal, protecting the new nail growth underneath from dirt and germs. Healthy cuticles are smooth and not dry or cracked. There are many nail oils on the market, most containing carrier oils like jojoba or almond oil, and sometimes with added vitamins or scents. Look for an oil that absorbs quickly and isn’t greasy.

I have dry hands and brittle nails and her products were truly a boon for me. I don’t have a regular nail care routine but I ensure to use the foot scrub and apply nail oil regularly these days. I will be posting a detailed review later on about them but for now – I recommend trying their hand and foot coffee scrub, strengthening nail oil, and cuticle potion. Although her product catalog isn’t vast like other brands. Every product delivers the same results as mentioned on the benefits list. Have you tried Araina by Arshneet?

Let me know your nail care tips or woes that helped you to follow a proper nail care routine.

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